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Arriflex 2C for sale.

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Without a more thorough description of what's in the package and some pictures, I'd go $100, just given that it includes an Arriflex body casting with an original serial number on it. The more you tell us, the more you'll get.





-- J.S.

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Guest Rajbans singh Bhinder

Hai George i am Raj from London and intrested in your ARRI 2c .

Please send me a email at rajbhinder99@yahoo.com ,will discuss the money side or any other

question regarding the sale.

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Not sure making people register for some online photo service like snapfish, so they can see an item you are trying to sell, is the best way to go about it. Might just be me.




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Guest Trevor Swaim
I guess it didn't work then. I'll try to find another solution.


Just use photobucket.com. Its free and no one has to register to see the photos you upload. Infact just use the img tags and they will just be images in the thread.

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