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Camera advice needed...

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Hello, I am in the process of doing some research on cameras for someone. They are looking to start filming for public television but on a budget since most of it when on computer, sound, and music equipment. Here is a list of what they are trying to find in their camera.


1) SD camera that would work great with a Mac.

2) Camera that has a little bit of weight to it instead of one of the really light ones.

3) clear video is the main key here


We are looking at two price ranges...

A ) 250-350

B ) 500-600


What are your suggestions in both of those price ranges?


Thanks for your time;


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Yes, I do realize that. They are just starting to learn filming and do not want to spend the money right now to get a professional camera since they will not be making money filming. They are looking to buy a camera that is one step above your $199 Wal-Mart Specials, something that will last a couple of years, till they can get a better camera.

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Ironically you'd probably be cheaper off looking into HDV camcorders for around $500-800 or so. Canon has some nice offerings, I'm a bit out of touch with them, but as they're mass produced, they're often cheaper.

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