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Adam Garner

Nikon R8 : Stuck state? - Experts please help!

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I just bought a mint R8.


I fixed some slight corrosion in the battery compartment. I wasn't happy to see it but it ran as soon as I got it cleaned up. No prob.


I ran the camera at 24fps, 18, 54 and everything ran smoothly. I tried the functions to test them (fade in / out).


Right after a fade the camera stopped. Normally this would indicate to me that it was in the middle of an overlap, or a double exposure. The Nikons (users will know) shut off, and expect a rewind on overlaps and de's. I have been stuck here scratching my head before.


So, I set the rewind and it won't do anything. The batteries are registering as full charge. The motor for the zoom works fine. Everything is fine but the thing wont engage the motor anymore.


One thing that concerns me is that the motor gear is disengaged. I can spin the motor spindle from the compartment freely. I compared with my R10 and this happens when it's done with an overlap and is ready to be rewound.


So basically I'm stuck in a state where the R8 wants the cart to be rewound but it's not engaging for some reason.


Anyone know about this? Anyone know if there's a way to reset the system so I can run it and try again?

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Right now it sounds like your camera is ready for you to move the the REW/FOW switch from the REW position to the FOW position. Once you do this the camera will run again. I've noticed in the past that the contacts get dirty on cameras like yours that haven't been used for years. You should also gently try some rapid movements of the REW/FOW switch to cut through some of the corrosion that may be present. Your camera really needs a good cleaning and lube.



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Agreed, it's expecting a rewind, but the motor just wont do it.


I suspect that either a) the electronics are a bit wonky as this thing may have not been used in 30 years or B) the motor may not be ready to go in reverse after only ever moving forward or c) there's simply some gunk someplace that won't allow it to move.


I think it's going to have to go to Bernie.


Any pointers on keeping the leatherette in decent shape if he has to open 'er up? I hear that it can ruin the look. :(

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