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greg ocallaghan

Selling my Beaulieu 4008 ZMII Kit (Super8)

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I'm selling my beloved Beaulieu 4008 ZMII with all its accessories I've obtained over the last two years.


I'm switching to super16, and I know I won't use this camera anymore so I'd rather have someone use it instead of keeping it in a closet.


I've had this camera for two years and I've used it to shoot surfing and travel movies. I've shot about 20-25 carts with it. It's in perfect condition to shoot right away. The camera was serviced about a year ago.


I made the battery myself. The whole process can be found here.


Here's the photo of the kit.


1. Beaulieu 4008ZMII camera with Schneider 1.8/6-66mm lens (including a Hoya UV filter)

2. Charger for the battery. The charger has a european plug, works on 220v/230v.

3. Custom made cable to connect the battery to the charger.

4. Custom made 1600mAh battery with a custom milled aluminum housing (in theory it should be good for 40+ cartridges) The battery screws on to the battery the same way as the original batteries did.

5. C-mount to nikon adapter. This will allow you to use nikon SLR lenses with the beaulieu.

6. Very rare leveling piece for the beaulieus pistol grip. The flat bottom of the beaulieu's pistol grip lies on an angle compared to the lens axis. This piece will allow you to mount the camera horizontally on a tripod. As I said, this piece is very rare and is hard to find on ebay.

7. ND-filter set. The set contains a ND8, a ND4 and a ND2 filter. Very useful an practical when shooting in bright conditions

8. Two additional bluestar chamois eyecushions. Makes it a lot more comfortable to look through the viewfinder.

9. New rubber eyecup. The original rubber eyecup was worn out so I ordered a new one from Wittner to be able to put on the bluestar eyecushions.


So as I said before, this kit is in perfect condition and you will be able to shoot with it right away. I'm not gonna put a pricetag to it. I think you will be able to come up with a fair price yourself if you're interested.


For further questions about the camera itself or about the price, send me an email. greg at g-trash dot com.


I'd rather have a fellow filmshooting member have it than someone random, so i havent put it up on ebay yet. I'll put it up there in a couple of weeks if no one's interested.


Here's some more pictures of the camera itself:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

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