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Diego Marin Verdugo


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Hi everyone. Im about to shot a short film and a commercial. In both cases production is pushing me to use the Canon 5d or 7d instead of using my Panasonic P2 HD HVX200.

I been trying to reach information on these, but till now I havent found seriuos comparisions on these formats. I really don´t feel comfortable with the idea of shoting video with a reflex camera, but if It really should gave a better image quality I will use it.

Does the Canon HD 5d gave a better look? Beacause of its bigger sensor provides a shortes deep of field? Does the 1 sensor vs the 3 sensor provideos a lack of color treatment?

Im really lost on this, should any one who have work on both formats tell me something about these topics? or send me to a propper forum about it?


Thanks a lot



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I've used the panasonic a fair few times, however I've yet to use either of those Canon's but I've read up about them as I was going to purchase one but decided against it last minute.


I was looking to find the link for you but I can't seem to find it. It was an interview with Jim Jannard from RED and he was talking briefly about the Canon DSLR's and their capabilities. As hypocritical as it sounded from the man who made sunglasses and ventured into moving image he disagreed with the DSLR's, purely due to the fact that it takes a 1K image and blows it up to 1920 x 1080 with the best quality of H.264 codec.


I don't know how meticulous you are about your footage but I wouldn't compromise my resolution or codec in order to get a shallower depth of field. If you really don't want to go with the DSLR's which I highly suggest then you could try and persuade your production team to get hold of the HPX-171, the tapeless version and put a DOF adapter on it.


We all know that the DOF adapter isn't the greatest invention ever, however it will give you a shallower DOF without having to compromise your resolution.


I hope this helps,



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I wouldn't tend to use resolution as a reason, the DSLR's is pretty similar to that found on 1/3" HD cameras, especially if you're going to add a 35mm adapter. The codec and not having skew are arguments for the HVX200, the greater sensitivity would an argument for the DSLR.


It may come down to your shooting style - a fast moving Bourne style production wouldn't be the best for shooting with a DSLR. Nor would locations that could cause moire patterning effects.

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Shoot side by side tests of your HVX and the Canons. Be sure to get Marconi charts at various sizes, and look carefully at horizontal vs. vertical aliasing.





-- J.S.

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