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Chris Durham

Cinema Lover's Theater in NYC?

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I've just moved to NY and am looking for a great theater to go see movies at. I'm willing to make a bit of a trek to avoid the small, cramped, small-screened cinemas that seem to be around me. A few months ago I was in LA and went to Grauman's and, compared to TX where I was living, the bar was certainly raised for what a projection and theater should look like. There's got to be something at least approaching that quality in NY. Don't get me wrong, I love all the cine-love here and I'm happy to be in any size theater, like Film Forum or Anthology, if I'm getting to watch Godard or Renoir; but if I'm out to see Iron Man 2, or anything contemporary for that matter, I want something quality. So where's a cinephile to go?

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google says:


Stadium 13 on 42nd street


i think 260 West 23rd Street is good..the screen seemed big to me...



my all time favorite was Cineplex Odeon Worldwide Cinemas, 320 West 50th St.

$3 second run movies..always packed, a real "boo and hiss" place where people throw popcorn and

cheer when the villian gets it...


sadly it closed...

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Screw IMAX.


Check out the Ziegfeld Theatre on 54th Street. Big, big, big theatre and screen, and Iron Man's playing there at the moment.

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I agree with Ziegfeld. great theatre, but most theaters in NY u must get there at least a half hour early to make sure you get a seat you like.


Don't go late and sit in the back or front row.


Radio City Music Hall is good too if there is a special Screening of something.

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Thanks, Everyone, for the responses. I'll definitely be checking out the Ziegfeld, and probably the others. IMAX doesn't do much for me if it's just a blow-up so I avoid it for most things, but it will be good to know where they are.

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