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michelle arakelian

professional cinematography workshop in 35mm and video

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Technical and Artistic Aspects of Cinematic Expression

Two Week Workshop - Florence, Italy


Workshop for Directors, Directors of Photography, Camera and Lighting People.

Goal:to teach, demonstrate and practice of an Organic Approach to Filmmaking where it is about technical and artistic Choices which determine Emotional and Intellectual Quality of the Scene.

Instructor Janusz Sikora - Award Cinematographer and University Film Instructor.


Program conducts on Professional Film Stage Facilty and consists of Demonstrations, Lectures and Intensive Hands-on with Film Cameras (16mm/35mm), HD Video Cameras and Professional Lighting Equipment.


Subjects covered:

Cinematic Expression - Film Look - Dancing with Light Technique -

Camera Directing - DP/Director Dialogue - Camera Operating (Film and Video) -

Green Screen Lighting - Set Lighting - Location Lighting - Available Light Control - Limbo Cove Commercial Product Lighting - Chiaroscuro Lighting - Film Sensitometry - Film Laboratory - Video Camera Advanced Menus and Control - Shooting a Sequence - Scene Direction - Telecine


After first week of Demonstrations and Intensive Hands-on, students engage in productions of their own Scenes where Main Concern is the Eloquence and Quality of Cinematic Expression.

In the filmmaking reality it is Not about University Diploma...

it is about the Demo Reel.

One Good Scene on Demo is better than four years of theoretical knowledge and, it is exactly what one is asked for when talking with Producer or Production Manager trying for job as Cinematographer and/or Director.


Schedule of Events: 02/08/10 – 14/08/10 9:00am - 6:00pm Registration Deadline: Jul 1, 2010 3.500,00$

For enrolment please check: http://www.lightextreme.com/School_Schedule.html

Program - Technical and Artistic Aspects of Cinematic Expression

Week 1. Film

Day 1 - Intro Stage. Film Camera and Lighting Equipment

Camera - Understanding Film Camera - Shutter Angle,

Intermittent Movement, Frame Rate (Slow Motion),

Camera Loading, Camera Threading

Building the Camera, Focus Pull, Camera Operating Technique

Camera Test - Lens Focal Length, Depth of Field,

Focus/Selective, Field of View/Focal Length


Day 2 - Lighting/Exposure/Film Laboratory

Grey Card, Light Meter (Incident/Spot)

Film Sensitometry, Film Laboratory

Light Direction, Light Quality, Three Point Lighting,

Five Point Lighting, Exposure, Zone System


Day 3 - Creative Lighting - Chiaroscuro

Mood, Lighting Styles, Ambiance/Key,

High Key/Low Key - Broad/Narrow Setup,

Dynamic Lighting for Block, Lighting Continuity

Dancing with Light


Day 4 - Dialogue Director/Director of Photography

Basic Sequence - Screen Direction

Motivation for Lens and Camera Movement Choices


Day 5 - Special Effect Lighting - Limbo, Candle Light, Car Interior,

Simulation of car Movement on Stage


Day 6 - Exterior Light Control -

Against the Sun, Edge, "Changing Direction of Sun",

Lighting Styles with Natural Light


Week 2. Video

Day 1 - Video Camera. HD Video and Camera Red (work-flow)

Advanced Menu, Camera Calibration - Gama/Cine Gama,

Knee, Detail, Video Camera ASA Equivalent,

System of Zone Exposures in Video


Day 2 - Film Look

Application of Film Lighting Technique in Video. Mood Creation.

Lighting for Video with Motion Picture Light Meter


Day 3 - Production. Execution of Ideas/Projects. Demo Reel

Day 4 - Production. Execution of Ideas/Projects. Demo Reel

Day 5 - Production. Execution of Ideas/Projects. Demo Reel

Day 6 - Screening - Diplomas - Wrap Party

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