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Dennis Scully

shuuter speed increase quality?

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We have recently filmed a reality show and a few TV ads on the PANASONIC P2HD AG-HVX200A Camera (not the Varicam) and the debate we are having after looking at the P2 Footage (AVC INTRA)is whether or not a higher shutter speed increases the quality of the image to any degree?


This because we have seen that this camera, which only has a 1/3 size chip yet supposedly full 1920 x 1080 HD spec - has quite radical noise and pixellisation when you look at it critically. Obviously a higher shutter speed increases the refresh rate and depth of field, and is suitable for spinning wheels, sport etc yet if you increase the shutter speed without an obvious use for it, will it enhance the overall quality of the P2 footage on this Camera -anyone have an opinion on this?



Dennis Scully

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In moving picture work you require a certain amount of blur for persistence of vision to work, otherwise you get a strobby effect, rather like that on "Saving Private Ryan". The normal shutter speed is usually 1/double the frame rate e.g. 24fps shutter speed is 1/48, often referred to as using a 180 degree shutter. Spinning wheels can look pretty awful with high shutter speeds, unless you want to have the spokes caught - which isn't how you see a wheel in real life, so it's more a visual effect rather than a normal shutter setting.


Increasing the shutter speed means you have to use a wider lens aperture, which reduces the depth of field rather than increasing it. Higher shutter speeds are used in sports because they often use a slow motion effect in post.


1/3" cameras usually are more noisy, which one reason why broadcasters usually haven't allowed them on HD as the main camera unless there's a good reason. Although, the new Canon XF300 & XF305 cameras seem to have acceptable noise levels for BBC HD,

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Also, isn't the HVX just DVCProHD.. I don't believe it's AVC-Intra at all. Also, as it goes the HVXs will be noiser than other cameras in that range, I find because of their pixel shifting and just generally their chips.. last time I used one I rated it around 160 or so, but still wasn't too happy with the noise in the image when looking @ it on an HD Monitor (despite no gain applied)

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