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Dom Jaeger

favourite long single take

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The 10-minute Steadicam shot of all the troops waiting to be evacuated from France in "Atonement." I think Tim posted something about it back when them movie was in theatres to the extent of "See the movie because of this shot!"


In the behind-the-scenes footage on the DVD, they showed the Steadicam Op., forget his name, handholding the camera, with a 1,000 foot mag. walking backwards, then being hoisted onto a dolly or a truckbed and being pulled along for another part of it. Really a remarkable feat of coordination.


I think "Soy Cuba" is probably the most remarkable, considering they did it without Steadicam or really any modern equipment. It was all Jerry rigged.

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Guest Matti Poutanen

Check out the Argentinean flick, The Secret In Their Eyes, which won the best foreign film oscar last year. Great movie and there's an amazing "single-take" sequence that starts with a helicopter shot of a football match and culminates in a handheld foot chase through the stadium.


Great stuff. I think you can see the sequence on youtube.


I actually think that this shot was an example of really gimmicky single shot. When seeing it I had the feeling that it was made just to show off. It took me out of the story completely, at that sequence the script became secondary to the camera tricks.


There is a great subtle single take scene in the beginning of Point Break, when Keanu Reeves comes to the police station for the first time. It´s really beautiful and fast dance with the steadicam and the actors, so well done you don´t pay attention to the fact there´s no cutting. Unlike the mentioned shot in The Secret In Their Eyes, the fast paced steadicam shot truly suits the story at that scene.

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