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Your Favourite 3 Movies, director, cinematographer

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Quite an old topic but it's always interesting to see people's choices. For me that would be:



The New World

2001, A space Odyssey

The Sacrifice (Offret)


I also can't not mention The Spirit of the Beehives, not enough people have seen it.



Terrence Malick

Victor Erice

Can't decide between Kubrick and Tarkovsky....




Stanley Kubrick (he was so involved in the cinematography that I consider him to be one of the greatest DoP)

Gordon Willis

Harris Savides

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- Blade Runner, Ridley Scott

- The Mirror, Andrei Tarkovsky

- Mulholland Drive, David Lynch




- David Lynch

- Andrei Tarkovsky

- Georges Méliès




- Vittorio Storaro

- Jordan Cronenweth

- Roger Deakins

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If I could overlook 2001 for a moment, they'd be in the same film.

Barry Lyndon, Kubrick, John Alcott.

Failing that 'A Matter of Life and Death, Michael Powell, Jack Cardiff.

Hang on, they're in the same film as well.

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