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Vincent Sweeney

Dark Knight Rises, no 3D and in IMAX

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Theres a featurette for the new film here:



I'm generally not into the batman movies that much but so far this is looking like the best thing in cinemas after all (with the exception of perhaps Anna Karinna and that Danish film with a similar plot, both of which look interesting)


My one criticism of what I have seen so far is that the whole "Theres a storm coming" line which was in so many movies in about 2006/2007 is maybe starting to look a bit old. Probably unfair tho as it might hold more true now than it did back then. Depends on what you call a storm and what you call a bit of a nasty squall or something. Anyway the plot is looking a bit interesting with a Gotham where everything looks sort of okay from the outside but which is actually rotten to the core. I like the whole hidden just below the surface corruption thing and think it would be interesting if the "Villian" is looking to bring change to the corrupt and nasty society whereas wealthy socialite batman is out to preserve the existing order.


What really makes me interested is the way Christopher Nolan talks about making the film. I get the impression the guy is sick of making batman films, but at the same time he doesn't seem like someone about to throw away a big opportunity. He is approaching the film positively and looking at it from the point of view of how he can get a positive experience out of actually making the film as opposed to just a huge paycheck at the end.

When he talks about the project he talks about it in terms or art and wanting to make something visually stunning, and thinking in terms of great silent cinema from the past. The visual spectacle captured. He seems very concerned about what is happening in front of the lens and the art of that, as opposed to the technology sitting behind the lens.


To be honest I'm a bit sick of seeing people who aren't really that interested in cinema, and seem to be just going through the motions for a job, or who are interested in some aspect of the technology or some other thing but not the art of cinema itself. Christopher Nolan seems like someone who has a real care about things.

Strange that he is British. The land of "bounce a 2k off the ceiling an call it lit". Maybe that is part of the reason tho!


Anyway I'm actually sort of looking forwards to this in spite of the fact it's not obviously my sort of thing.





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“We spent about six months working with Panavision and Imax to retool the viewfinder on the cameras and craft new lenses, which allowed us to shoot in very low-light conditions,”

source: wired.com



What new lenses? Has Panavision actually designed faster lenses for IMAX!? The fastest commercial medium-format lenses are usually f2 - no matter from which vendor!?

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nothing wrong wiht bounching a 2K of a ceiling if that comment was a dig at me. obviously i dont represent british film makers DURRRR.


Heh Heh! I think you'll find my comment about bouncing a 2k off the ceiling pre-dates yours! ;)

and theres nothing wrong with it per se unless that's all you do to light your film!

...(and additionally you are trapped in no budget land Phil, which limits what you CAN do)

I'm more talking about huge UK broadcasters.


It's something the uk used to be a bit famous for.

I think it's actually on the decline these days but the tv industry here has a long tradition of seeing image making as mostly about getting a really good signal to noise ratio. To be honest theres a lot of that still about, but it extends less into the programme making than it once did.





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So according to Time Magazine's just released review of the film, the movie ends with this title card:


"This motion picture was shot and finished on film"


F*cking A

Edited by Brian Rose

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