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Aaron Solomon

The Perfect Mate

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Hi all,



We just wrapped shooting on a small sci-fi short written by a friend of mine. It's set in 2050, where the world has crumbled to dust and dirt and all that. Two construction workers enter an old building, planning to tear it down, and discover a living but comatose woman lying on a bed in the basement. She wakes up, and they try to escape, but one is left behind and the other escapes. Though afraid, the construction worker (named Sall (female)) who is left with the woman (Nova, the Perfect Mate) talks to Nova and discovers that she has been left behind to repopulate earth in it's misery (I think it's a pretty corny idea too). Nova and Sall try to return upstairs, but Jim, the construction worker who escaped, returns with men with guns who try to kill Nova and Sall. Nova kills one of the gunmen with a pistol she had taken earlier from Jim. Nova and Sall run back into the basement, where they are chased by Jim. Nova and Sall discover that more "Perfect Mates" exist and must find a way to protect them from the construction workers that are now persuing them. Jim catches up, and Sall kills him for trying to kill her. Nova leaves the building, where Sall is sulking over Jim's body. She goes out into the world and sees decrepit villages, and is seen five months later, pregnant.


Pics are coming later.


We shot on the DVX-100A with:


2 x Arri 150 Watt Fresnels (Tungsten)

2 x Lowel Caselights (Fluorescents, similar to KinoFlos)

4 x Lowel Totas (Tungsten)

2 x Lowel Rifa's (Tungsten)

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