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Hi everyone,


Sorry, I know this has been done to death but I'm heading into unfamiliar territory and would love some feedback. Next week I'm shooting on my EX3 with a Letus Extreme. Couldn't rent the Relay so I'm stuck with the additional glass. My lenses will be a Nikon set: 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, pretty standard. Shoot is for a web spot, 1 daytime apartment interior and 1 evening restaurant interior. Lighting as needed but trying to keep it simple, I'll have access to just an Arri 3 piece soft 1k and 2 650s. There will be some dolly work.


For those with experience on a rig similar to this, what kinds of potential problems should I be aware of? I will have the kit over the weekend and the spot isn't until Monday, but I would love to be able to do some targeted tests. How bad is the light loss? Any other technical issues or suggestions?


Thanks in advance, if you need clarification about any details please feel free to ask.



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Pulling focus on the lens as well as backfocus will be the biggest issues. get a good 1AC and some way to mount a follow focus and you should be ok. Check backfocus from time to time and try to keep it more open than a 5.6 else you might see the ground glass (on the Extreme).

the rig will be very front heavy so be prepared to counterbalance at the rear as needed with weights. Also, the image will be lower in contrast when you blast lights into the lens due to reflections on the ground glass, and also the lenses may breathe a bit during focus and the marks may not be true. Get a good Hd monitor to watch with an HD feed from the camera to check focus on.

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Thanks very much for your thorough response. In your opinion would it be too risky to go in without an HD monitor? I don't exactly have room in my budget but I could try other resources if you think there's a high probability of problems.

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You could get away with just an HD TV connected up with the component cables, if need be.. I know I've been there before!. Also, the EX3 has a "peaking" mode for your onboard, which should help find focus.

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