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Jonathan Spear


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Hey all,



Got my first "real" shoot coming up this spring. 15 minute short, 35mm. We're getting a lighting kit from a friend and are going to build most of our camera rigs (we're building a 6 foot crane atm).

we're a 10 person crew, mostly friends and former bandmates, and we'll be shooting most of our exteriors in a heavily forested area, day-for-night, interiors at a local studio. shooting ratio will be about 7:1 - we have a few short ends and recans left over from earlier projects.


I own a Beaulieu R-16, but we're opting for 35mm on this one. It's an extremely visual story so clarity, excellent picture quality and low grain are a must - as a festivle screening seems to be the general "goal" of our production crew.


Sadly, I can't afford to buy or rent a camera but I am offering a trade if anyone's interested:


What I'm offering (all items in great cond.):


1. Beaulieu R-16 + 3 c-mount lenses + pistol grip + eye cap (needs new battery, charger = about 125$ at www.duallcamera.com)

2. Canon EOS to c-mount adaptor (for 35mm still lenses on the Beaulieu)

3. Canon Rebel Ti SLR + 28-90mm f/4.5-5.6 Canon zoom lens

4. Canon EOS AF 50mm f/1.8 lens

5. Tamron 70-300mm Macro 1:2 lens

6. Assortment of filters

7. A Gameboy Advance SP + 4 games

8. A Sony Playstation 2 + 4 games + accesories + Network adaptor


What I need (all items in great cond.):


1. A Konvas 2M body + crystal motor + eye piece

2. 5-8 primes (22mm-150mm)

3. mattebox w/mattes and support + filters

4. battery + charger + power cables

5. 2 x 400' or 200' mags

6. decent tripod + fluid head

7. carrying case/s

8. video tap (if possible)


In other words, your full basic Ebay Konvas 2M kit. I've asked Ebay sellers, but no one seems to be interested in a trade... they just want greens :( . And most of the Konvas deals on Ebay are from Eastern Europe / Russia and they can charge up to 800$/shipping charges ( <_< !!!).


I'll be happy to answer any and all questions that come up.


If anyone is trying to get rid of a 35mm or S16 package besides a Konvas 2M and is willing to trade for the items listed above, feel free to P.M. me, write me here or drop me an email at:




If you want to check my e-bay feedback, my e-bay nick is: jon999666


Mille grazi,



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I don't want to trade too, but may be you have enough time to sell your equipment and raise necessary cash.

Please look at this Konvas-2M outfit:



Also, I have great tripods (but they costs almost same as the camera):



Shipping charge will be $350 for the camera or $650 for the camera+tripod.


Feel free to contact me if you interested.



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Hey Rafael,


Sheesh. That's the kit alright. I seriously wish I had more $$$, but I don't -- hence the trade. What a catch-22.. :(


But thanks anyway... I appreciate the offer and you have a very cool website.


-Jonathan S.

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