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David Kappler

Looking though KEYHOLE

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Need to take a shot of the point of view of a person looking through a keyhole in a door and watching a person walk past down the hallway. I was thinking of making a cutout using black foamcore and holding it in front of the lens. Any other suggestions?

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I think that's a very simple an elegant solution. You could also experiment with painting it a color to match the real thing, if it was golden for example. But simple is best IMHO.

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Yeah, good job man. When I saw this thread I feared I'd have to write an in-depth explanation of why it is NOT practical to try to shoot through the real thing.


But, I'd recommend, to make it look as realistic as possible, to actually look through a peep-hole or key hole and notice the way your eye, focused to near-infinity sees the hole. You want to try to get convincing DOF. If just using foam=core, cardboard, I'd be careful to make it render as maximum black,, with no detail, although I suppose if you make a mistake all is not lost unless you're doing a traditional film finish. If the latter were the case, you would've had to print the subject too dark to hide any unwanted defects in the fake hole.

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If you're savvy with compositing this would be very easy to do by taking footage of the lead up to the key hole and then the footage you want to be seen through it and compositing it in the hole.


Practical with foam core would probably be fastest though.

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The premium Nizo Super 8 kits came with a "Kompendium" (mattebox) which had little inserts made of plastic that you could slide into the front of the box. One had a classic keyhole cut-out in the middle.


Pic of unit.



A peek looking through it at Big Trouble in Little China! (via a little point and shoot Canon)



It's late.

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The fan shape below the circular hole is a style thing, I've never actaully seen that in a real keyhole. Also, you tend to move your head to increase the angle of view. Not a hobby of mine, I just checked through the kitchen keyhole.


Of course reality can be different, the view through a real pair of binoculars looks nothing like that used as a convention in the cinema.

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