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I watched this extraordinary Japanese film last night which has to my mind some of the most glorious cinematography I have ever seen


Trailer here





A huge box office hit in Japan, it was chosen as Japan's entry for the Oscars.


This is J Horror that goes far beyond the now tired tropes of The Ring/Grudge films


Imagine Elephant crossed with Oldboy/Lady Vengance, Battle Royal and Tony Takitani.


I am currently reading Lionel Shriver's We Need to Talk About Kevin, the film adaptation of which by Lynne Ramsey is to be released later this year.


Watching Confessions I couldn't help but wonder if/how Ramsey's film will compare.


If anyone has any tech info on Confessions I would love to read it.


If get the opportunity to watch this film on big screen, take it.

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I saw this film at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this year and I have to agree with you concerning the cinematography. It is stellar and I couldn't stop thinking about it leaving the theatre. I thought it was very interesting and it left a strong impression on me.. It's both at times odd and awesome.


I thought it was particularly interesting how a lot of times it looked almost as if the characters were on a stage, with a spotlight-like key on them. That type of lighting is also seen in Kamikaze Girls, but not so much with the stage-like feel to it.


The slow-motion was also a great aspect of it, it being intercut with normal speed shots throughout entire scenes. Not only are these shots beautiful, but they strongly contribute to the themes of the movie and of each scene specifically.


I would definitely recommend to see this movie, I wish I could watch it again on the big-screen.

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Although very different in theme and narrative and "genre" you should check out TONY TAKITANI which employs some similar aesthetic techniques, an interesting article about which is here.



What I found fascinating about CONFESSIONS was this combination of the meditative "still lifes" with an almost operatic revenge narrative.


The aesthetics are not just a formal style imposed on the narrative but integral to the meaning itself. The form and the function are inseparable.


Japanese art.

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