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Scoopic CdS sensor

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I recently acquired a Scoopic 16, and was wondering if the CdS unit regarded as reliable even after so many decades? I know that the krasnogorsk for example has problems with batteries, and the beaulieu sensor unit is degraded and less sensitive after a long time.




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I've had 4 Scoopics of the later variety (the black, not grey bodies) and found their internal meters to be accurate. But keep in mind you're always better off with a spot meter as the Scoopic meter takes the average of what it is looking at vs. exposing for a specific area.


It is handy when you don't have a handheld meter with you or you're in a run-n-gun situation.


Someone like Bernie can chime in on the actual technical accuracy but I've never noticed any issues. They draw power from the main battery so you don't have to worry about finding some other strange battery.

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