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peter roehsler

ergonomy of the a-cam dII

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I got my a-cam dII this morning, fired it up and held it to my eye. Never, after I had gotten an Aaton in 1980, was I more convinced of a camera design than now. I do own a RED, getting an Epic this year, but this little gem puts a lot of fun into personal shooting again. i don´t know much about gain, image noise and color depth and stuff, but what matters a lot for me is that the camera just `feels´ right. It is an extension of the eye and lets nothing come in the way between you and the subject. This camera will bring about a new intimate shooting style.



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I think it´s an ergonomic nightmare, but you got probably a different shooting style.




I fully agree with your shooting style remark. I never liked cameras, where I had to `stand behind´ the lens and even on my RED I keep my EVF as close as possible to the the optical axis.

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Peter: Thanks for posting your experiences with the Ikonoskop DII. I've been very interested in this camera because it's small and light and shoots 2K in PL mount. Which lenses are you using on it and how is it working out for you? Does it do slow motion? AGain, thanks for posting.

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Steve, I went with c-mount though I don´t own any c-mount lenses. I use adapters for ARRI a-mount (Cooke Kinetals & Speed Panchros) and PL (the rest). Camera handles great, don´t know about 60fps, supposedly coming at a later time. Transfer is USB, not too fast. Transcode to ProRes takes ages on a notebook (1sec=1min in AE), but that´s uncompressed RAW, so just transfers when on the road. Everything is still evolving, a transcode software from Ikonoskop is in development. Support from Ikonoskop is outstanding - Peter Gustafsson called me back immediately after my email-cry for help with a minor problem.

I will get an Epic for sure, but that´s a different beast for different styles ...

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Ikonoskop has just sent me their newly developed transfer/transcode tool, which is quick (speed compares to FCP log&transfer for R3D or AVCHD) and will do the job on the road. For CC you still want to use a different tool though.

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