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Darren Ladbury

Water on set

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Hello all,

I've been wondering about the logistics involving water on set. How to prepare for it, working with it...


Anyone got any suggestions regarding shooting with rain machines, near waterfalls, tanks, pools etc.



Darren, 2nd AC

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Hey Darren,

from my limited experience (not a lot of rain in Italy, not even the "fake" one), the general rule is: try to keep everything as dry as possible.

Leave the stuff/gear/tools you don't need in a dry area (camera truck or a tent near the set). Make sure you have good waterproof clothing, towels, and many, MANY clear plastic bags and plenty of electrical tape to protect the camera. From what I've seen, umbrellas are pretty useless. I hope this helps a bit.



p.s. great to see pictures of you and Aga working together!

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Besides your own preparations (plastic rain covers, clear shower curtain/tarp for covering carts, cloth diapers for dabbing off any water that gets on gear) make sure the Production crew and PA's are going out of their way to get canopies and umbrellas to set, where camera is going to land. Often, it falls on the Grip dept. to set up an overhang, so before you even take the camera out of the truck/staging area, make sure steps to getting your rain protection are happening.


Umbrellas are useful though, for when you're on the move, so it's good to have a designated Camera PA in charge of it if you have the luxury

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EZ Ups....


Bag-Its for carts


Plus if your shooting in the rain an air knife is good to keep the water off the lens or even more importantly a mirror on a 3D rig. If its a 3D rig with a large mirror your going to need a powerful compressor though since the pressure needs to stay in order for it to work and the larger mirrors require larger air knives.


These all fall under expdanbles. Also most experienced producers know that these things are basics and in some cases realize that with rain towers that the quantity increases.


~Marque DeWinter

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