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Tony Zhou

Forced Perspective with a Sony EX1

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Hi, I'm still a student and this is my first post on here, but I've read the forums extensively for a while.


I have a pot, and in one particular scene of a film, I need the main character to believe that the pot is getting bigger. I can't do this in post, so I thought about doing it in forced perspective.


As a test, I bought three identical spoons (each one 0.75x smaller than the last) and I took three stills of the pot sitting next to the spoon, each time replacing the spoon and moving the camera closer to keep the spoons the same size. I also placed a trapezoidal paper under the pot. As I am shooting from a slightly higher angle than the pot, the trapezoid looks fairly rectangular. These are the only elements in the shot. I've managed to keep the wall in shadow. On a still camera set at f/16 and f/22, it seems to look okay.


My goal is not to make the pot seem outlandishly large, but subtly bigger with each successive cutaway.


Now the question: my school provides a Sony EX1 with a standard lighting kit (1K lamp, 500W dimmer, two 300W lamps) but I can only plug in two of the three on the set (it's a wattage issue). Does anyone have experience lighting a small set (no more than 20 feet by 20 feet) with white walls, using only these tools, at f/16 or f/22? I can't even tell how much light I'd need to get this right, and right now, it seems like it's almost more trouble than it's worth.


Thanks in advance if you have any advice for dealing with forced perspective in a situation like this.

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