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Zacuto Single sensor Evalulation Ep One

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Im sure the test itself was fair but that edit was misleading by leaving out information.


A clever marketing campaign by zacuto, in the end.




What information was omitted that would be misleading? There are two more installments forthcoming that address other facets of shooting with single chip cameras, so more info on compression, motion artifacts, etc. will show up later this summer. I'm curious, what in this one was left on the cutting room floor that would be misleading?

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I got through about half of the test so far (the embedded Vimeo video loads very slow for me for some reason).


After the first side-by-side series of comparisons, I began to cover the bottom left portion of the screen to hide the names of the cameras to try to objectively judge each image.


It was interesting to go back and match my "unprejudiced" impressions with the camera names after the first viewing.

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