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ISO/ASA Rating for Sony EX 3 & EX 1

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It's between 320 and 640 depending on the curve you choose. Been a while for me, but I remember Cine 2 working out to roughly 400 and Cine 4 roughly 640 -- this of course being at 0db, all other image settings at default.



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yeah, I noticed that in various scenarios, the ASA will change....I wanted to meter some lighting, but didn't know the ASA, was wondering if there was a standard for the EX 3 & EX 1 ??

I set my meter at 320, but know it'll change for higher shutter and ND filters.....

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I did a ratings test in a cinematography class and found the ISO to be 500 in CINE 3 (which is what I use for indoor and most setups) CINE 1 was rated at 250 (which I use for outdoors an other high contrast environments).


Didn't check with picture profile off cause I always shoot with either CINE3 or CINE1. Sometimes I'll go to CINE4 if it' super low light, guessing it's a 640 or so.


all at 0db of course


I've had my EX3 for almost a year now and love it, great all around camera

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