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$20-million William F. White Centre launches in Toronto

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From http://www.660news.com/entertainment/article/243419


Acclaimed director Norman Jewison and hit movie producer Don Carmody are among the Canadian filmmakers touting a revitalized film and TV industry.


The luminaries are among a group of producers, directors, cinematographers, writers, editors and actors celebrating a newly expanded production support facility set to open Thursday.


The $20-million William F. White Centre launches in Toronto after taking over a 31,400 square-metre complex, more than doubling the space it had previously leased.


The centre provides movie, TV and theatrical production equipment to a slew of high-profile projects including David Cronenberg's upcoming feature "Cosmopolis" and the upcoming Colin Farrell blockbuster "Total Recall."


Guests attending the launch include Royal Canadian Air Farce cast mate Alan Park, pop-rockers the Midway State, Heritage Minister James Moore and Ontario Culture Minister Michael Chan.


Jewison and the centre's CEO Paul Bronfman say there's a renewed spirit in Toronto's production industry.


"Canada has every reason to celebrate," Jewison said Monday in a statement. "I look around and see a lush landscape of new film and TV production activity like never before. Big stories and little stories; there's so much going on here right now."

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I guess my invitation got lost in the mail.




PS: There is a postal strike in Canada, that's why!!

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