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David Grantham

wacky or clever? GH2+Telephoto+Fisheye

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If my lovely 70-210 Angenieux f3.5 (nice shallow dof) Leica R mount lens is adapted to a GH2, x2 (the nature of the 4/3rds adaptation) it becomes a 140 - 420.


If I put a .2x fish eye converter in front, it's now a 28 - 84 f 3.5 ; the specs I'm looking for, but with the shallow DOF of the telephoto (which I think could be great for what I need.) (Perhaps at the expense of decresing the sharpness by magnifying the imperfections of the fisheye.)


I wonder if I'm predicting the results accurately... Thoughts welcome. There's nowhere nearby with the gear to test it.

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There's another thread in the DSLR forum titled 'crop factor with cine lenses', which has a spot-on comment by David Mullen about why it's awkward to think about crop factors in the way you describe. Putting a fisheye adapter on a telephoto zoom won't give you good results: as well as the loss of image quality, you lose the depth-of-field too. Depth-of-field is directly affected by focal length regardless of whether you got to that focal length using a wacky combination of lenses and adapters or just using one lens. Any type of lens set to 28mm/f3.5 on a Micro 43 sensor will give you the same depth-of-field, so you'd be better off just using a wide zoom with a large aperture. If you put a wide-angle adapter on a telephoto zoom, you'll notice the image starts to go soft and foggy as you approach the telephoto end of the lens.

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