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Alex March

soften the shot

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i got a problem with the shot, i always wanna archive the softness but i dont know how. im so confused between shutter, ISO or my lighting setup, the result i got is always almost in Digital camera. thanks for any tips

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Without more specifics, I can't say exactly what you mean by "softness," but I'm assuming you mean taking the edge, super sharp, look off of digital. If that's the case, the best way to do it is to throw on some soft diffusion to the lens. Generally I like to use a Classic Soft or a very light fog filter. The fog, however, will milk out the shadows which isn't too bad as you can crush them back later on if you want to.

Another option, though a bit more "mystical," are behind the lens nets. It's something I've dabbled with, but honestly don't have enough experience on to comment with.

You can also achieve softness by working with more pastelled colors. It'll "feel" softer in my opinion.

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DSLR video is not particularly sharp, so the first thing I'd check are the sharpness / detail / edge enhancement setting in the camera to make sure you aren't adding artificial sharpening.


If that's not the culprit, then generally the feeling of "harshness" in digital is due to contrast problems, so make sure that your camera settings are not too punchy / contrasty and that you control how hot things are getting in the shot.


Then there is lighting, obviously hard lighting looks sharper than soft lighting.


Finally I'd look at lens diffusion if you've addressed the other things first.

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so sorry for late response. i've been shooting so far.

yub, u are right abt "softness". i ve worked in tough condition with unqualified equipments.i think the main cause was lighting. so many lights come from China or handmade one. sometimes i gotta work with very harsh 2800k-2900k Tungsten, 5800k-6000k Fresnels, handmade dollys,and they have no idea what filter is (some can)... i just realized 2 days ago. but somehow i still gotta deal with them. i'd posted this before i got here but after a few shoots i can imagine whats goin on here. i heard of them but i didnt believe it n thought they must've been sth else. Born and studied in States, that's why i was so confused and couldnt picture it as well. this is a completed new world to me. Anyways Thanks alot for your tips

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