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jackson defa

CP 16R complete camera package for sale

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For sale is a complete 16mm film camera package including everything you need to shoot film upon arrival; magazines, batteries, a change tent, and a maintained, working 16mm camera. Also included is 1200ft of raw film stock!



:rolleyes: More pictures available upon request. :rolleyes:



Cinema Products CP16-R crystal synch motion picture camera body, including eye piece, chimeras, locking mechanism for magazines, and a lens mount cover.


This camera was just serviced prior to it's last use and is in excellent condition. The motor runs perfectly, it's been tuned up, and has been stored in excellent condition. I have a pelican case that securely surrounds the camera body and lens in foam.


This is the same camera they shot CLERKS on. I believe it is also the camera they shot El Mariachi with. This particular modal of Cinema Products, the 16-R, was developed for news broadcast. As such it is crystal synch, but can also take a special sound head and record audio directly onto the film. An attachment is required to do this, but the sound head required is included in this auction. In addition, this modal also has a port out to give off a digital signal. An attachment can be found that will allow a black and white image out to a monitor. This camera was one of the first film camera's to have that capability. Out of this innovation was born the now-commonly used BNC tap. As such this camera is the perfect run-and-gun independent film-makers camera. I built this package myself from different sources and customized it to my needs. I recently ran 16000ft of film though it while shooting on location in San Francisco and Vancouver and it purred the whole time.








Angenioux 10 - 150mm zoom lens. T2.3 close focus is 3 feet. Pristine.



Two pistol grips, of which one is designed to work with the servo-zoom motor. All attachments and accessories present, including working motor.


This camera has been modified to shoot at 30FPS by the flip of a switch to help with transitions to HD; Motor runs at crystal at that speed also!


This camera can shoot at variable frame rates. Range: 10FPS - 36FPS


I'm including 3 CP 400ft load magazines with cores.


I also had made 2 newly re-celled batteries from white-house which I will include. They have only been charged a handful of times and have 100s of charges left in them. These come with a CP charger.


I also have a brand new change bag and a brand new pelican case, which I foamed specifically for this package.


Camera also comes with a working sound head which fits easily into the body to record sync sound.


As I said, I built this camera specifically to shoot efficiently on the fly, as such it is a fast lens and dependable camera body surrounded by new parts that will run perfectly.



On top of all that, I'm including 1200ft of raw brand new stock. There are 2 400ft loads of 7201. Kodak vision2 50D and 2 400ft loads of 8622 Fuji 64D - both very beautiful film stocks, crystal clear grain, vivid colors.



This is truly an entire film-making package. I'm proud to have built it and I'm proud to be selling to now.


questions, inquiries; email me please. :)








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