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First Cut of DP Reel, Advice Needed!

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Hello All,


I just finished a two year film program and have put together a reel. It consists mainly of student film and documentary footage. I am looking for any feedback I can get! So far, my main reaction is that I need to color correct. However, I have limited experience with this, and am wondering how to proceed.


Here is the link: http://www.vimeo.com/30240871


Thanks in advance for any advice!

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I liked a lot of the images, most clips were too long by at least two times though.


My fave in the two minutes I watched was they blurry scnene with a face and a ton of colors in it.


Also in the opening there aren't enough faces, a lot of shots of people's bodies walking by, it's kind of alienating.


I think we're wired to try to see faces, to take cues from the facial expressions we see in our environment ( my day job is psychologist)

so it gave me a feeling of emptiness in the opening.


I would as an experiment re-edit with


1) more [attractive] male or female faces in the beginning, the girl with the crystal ball is pretty. I don't remember seeing any guys in the first minute. Forget political correctness,

making a film is 100% literally objectification and there is no way around it. Contrary to popular conception, IMO finding truly beautiful faces to shoot is NOT easy without money

or some connection to the beauty industry.


2) Shorten most of the clips to 1/3 of their current length, interspersed with current longversions only when they're appropriate.


3) The woman in the store looks a little washed out, is not that attractive ( IDK she may be a neurosurgeon saint, I don't care), and you made that one of your longest clips. Why.


4) Again, the duration of this would be for someone who already just loves your work. My guess is it's intended instead to get people interested in your work-- they don't need this much. Should be less than 1/3 this long/

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Hey Guys,


Since we're on the topic of reels, feel free to check mine out.



I think most DP's have problems when they edit their work because they want to show that long tracking shot or that long dolly. So many LONG shots. Show your ability by showcasing MANY DIFFERENT shots. Also, music can always help in selling your reel. So try to find something that compliments your work. Just my two cents.

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