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Where in LA to physically walk in & buy Fuji or Kodak

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I have a microbudget shoot Tues in San Dimas and want to walk in and buy some Fuji Vivid 500T 400ft 16mm on Monday in the LA area.


If it's near San Dimas that's even better, but most importantly I want to know it's in stock and waiting wherever I stumble into.


Anyone know if there's a Fuji retail counter in LA area, I've seen addresses but I'm not sure which is corporate etc.





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You'll have to drive in for it-- but last I heard Fuji had moved to Burbank, over on Magnolia at about Buena Vista.


And yes, they have a sales desk-- or did. I'm sure they still do. Easy drive, about 45 minutes:




Kodak has one too, over on Santa Monica Blvd near Highland. But harder to get to.


(Hey, if you go in there, ask them when they're going to ship in black and white Neopan !! )

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I know I'm very late on this and your film is probably completed and at some festival.


But, Comtel Pro Media carries Kodak film and has a selection of Fuji stocks as well. Our prices are discounted. We also carry ends that can be as much as 90% off the cost of new film.


Richard Kaufman

Comtel Pro Media

2201 N. Hollywood Way

Burbank, CA 91505



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