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Brian Rose

Filmgroup out of Atlanta, GA where are they now?

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Hi All,


I'm on a detective hunt for my production company. We've got some betadubs of a super 16mm transfer made back in April 1997. We're in the process of getting all our film holdings transferred to HD, but those 16mm films have gone missing, and the trail is cold. So I'm trying to pick up the trace, and wanted to go back to the group that originally processed and transferred the footage, to see if by slim chance the films were still left in their holdings. In 1997 they went by the name FilmGroup, and were located out of Suite 528, Armour Circle, Atlanta, GA. I tried their number, and not too surprisingly found it was out of service. Nor did I find any info on them via a cursory google search.


Does anyone on this board remember that company? Did they change names perhaps? Did they go out of business or were bought out? Do you have any names of former owners whom I could try to reach? I'd really appreciate any info!





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Was the film paid for in full?



If not it may be history. . .





The reason why the Pilot Episode of "Star Trek" was almost lost was due to a mixup at the lab (not an unpaid bill, I don't think, but rather an unlabelled can on a rack in amongst 1,000 other cans). Even if it DID somehow miraculously escape from destruction, if it takes more than 10 minutes to find consider it to be probably gone for good. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and for saying this bluntly.


This is the reason for the part of the processing disclaimer that says "NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR NEGATIVES, PRINTS, INTERMEDIATES LEFT OVER XXX DAYS," or something along those lines.




Look on the bright side, though. analog tape copies, upressed to HD, and STREEEEEETCHED look *great* on a sixty-inch plasma set ;)


In seriousness, though, you do see an awful lot of "film" transferred to HD this way, and I think it may be more than style points, rather similar predicaments to the one you're in. In any case, best of luck to you Brian. . .

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Great! This is perfect. And i realize if they still had the negs, they'd likely be long gone. It's doubtful they did, because the would've been paid for and all squared up. Really I'm just hoping if they've got any records from the period, to show where it went, to whom it was shipped and when. None of the producers who were around then when the film was shot seem to recall where it is, since it does not appear to be in our archives. Next will be checking through all our storage bins, to see if they got misfiled.


Thanks again all!



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