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Running a TV-logic VFM on V-lock battery

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Hi all,


I was wondering if anybody already tested if you can run a tv-logic VFM-056 on a v-lock battery.

The monitor is rated 7 to 12V and V-lock batteries output, depending on the charge, something between 12 and 17V... So theoreticly that would be to much power.

Any hands on experiences?!



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I did it all day today with an AB 90HC that are new and fully up. Call Bandpro and ask them. I can't imagine a manufacturer putting a battery receiver on their product if it wasn't designed for the voltage.



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Hi, I have a VFM-056WP that I regular power via the manufacturers "mini XLR to D tap cable" running on a wide variety of onboard camera batteries (Anton Bauer, IDX, Red.)

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Be careful when running the 056WP directly from AB/V bricks.


I own that monitor too and upon speaking with a TV Logic engineer, I learned that the true voltage limit is 15v. Often freshly charged bricks can run as high as 18-20V, which is enough to fry the monitor. Often you'll be ok, but there is a risk.

Best to use a power regulated cable if coming from D-Tap, or if the brick is also powering a camera, pull the plug on the monitor and let the camera power up, then plug the monitor back in.


I had a cable made with an inline 12v regulator that has a Fisher 3 to D-Tap jumper, so it can do either safely.

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