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Myron Lenenski

"There's a Hair in you Telecine Transfer!!!"

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We had a recent telecine transfer of some beautiful 16mm Kodachrome shot in 1959. Our client wanted us to retransfer their film again without the hair in our gate.


We tried to explain the problem but finally gave up and re-transferred a segment zoomed like this:


We thought fans of 16mm would enjoy this.

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Pity, looks more like film scraped off the sides of the stock ...


Hmmm, so you pulled out to prove that it wasn't the transfer ('hair' doesn't cross the frame lines) ?


They were probably used to watching it cropped much from a projector mask ;)

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I had this type of experience once with a customer who had many rolls of S-8mm he had shot in Vietnam when he was in the Army during the war. I have never seen such gate hair, to the point it was becoming solid black blobs around the entire picture area. I believe it was actually emulsion that was shedding itself adding more and more with each cartridge. It was sad to see such rare images practically ruined. I had to balance how much to zoom in to maintain a decent image quality while eliminating as much as possible the distracting edge cartoons...

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