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Tim Tyler

Black-Magic Design Announces 2.5k Cinema Camera

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"Proper dons shoot 35mm. This is great for web tutorials or any other forgettable crap. REAL MEN SHOOT 35mm. "


This comment was antagonistic and unproductive to the conversation. When my attention is called to posts like this, I might remove them.

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HA! I wish I could get on their payroll if only to tell them what to do with that telecine company they just bought.


What would you tell them to do ?



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What would you tell them to do?


This may be getting off-topic, but I'd ask BMD that, before acquiring any more companies, to:


... Please ship my BMCC v.1.0 to me ASAP!


... and after that, job #1 is: Please make the "Display" button functional on my Hyperdeck Shuttle (a long-promised firmware update)!


Cheers! :-)

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I'd want a @ home version which is affordable and good quality-- not mind-blowing-- but good enough to get me a flat prores file of some film so I could start to really push shooting 35mm for low budget stuff-- get some use out of my 35mm package. Who knows-- maybe it'll happen, though probably not.

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John Brawley tweeted today:"Get ready to be blown away by BMCC!"



(My guess is he means actual camera-original BMCC footage [ProRes/DNxHD/DNG] will finally be available for download very soon, or the factory starts initial shipments of cameras very soon, or both. Stay tuned ...)


Meanwhile, yet another video of John Brawley, this time talking about the BMCC and showing footage to a student audience:





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As the kids say on the internet, "It has begun!"


BMCC camera-original 2.5K 12-bit RAW CinemaDNG samples of John Brawley's "Afterglow" footage are available for download from BMD's new forum:



Camera-original 1080p 10-bit 4:2:2 ProRes HQ samples of John Brawley's "Afterglow" footage will be available for download in a few minutes (or so):




Below is an email from Grant Petty of Blackmagic Design:







I wanted to send you an email to let you know we have a new Blackmagic Forum, we have posted some shots from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera for download and that DaVinci Resolve 9 Beta 3 is now available for download.


Blackmagic Forum


We have a new Blackmagic Forum on our web site now and we think it will allow people to help each other and share knowledge. If you would like to check it out then please go to forum.blackmagicdesign.com.


Blackmagic Cinema Camera Files


We have posted some RAW CinemaDNG shots from the Blackmagic Cinema Camera for download, and people have been asking for these. They are RAW so they have the entire image of the camera available for color grading. Because RAW images are a little different to grade than video files, there is a post by John Brawley on our forum with more info on the shots and how to grade them.


To get more info and the downloads links please to go http://forum.blackma...ic.php?f=2&t=15


DaVinci Resolve 9 Beta 3


DaVinci Resolve 9 is a dramatic update to the previous version and apart from powerful audio and onset tools, it has a completely redesigned user interface that's much more friendly. By friendly I mean it's much faster to use, and also easier to learn if you're new to color grading and DaVinci Resolve.


Of course we have also updated the free DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite, which you can simply download at no charge if you would like to use DaVinci now.


DaVinci Resolve 9 Lite is quite powerful even when compared to the full version. It has no restrictions in quality, no limitations in types of files it can open, no limitations in number of nodes you can use and no limitations of the number of layers when compared to the full version of DaVinci Resolve. You can even grade high resolution RAW 2K, 4K and even 6K camera files, when outputting to HD.


If you need to do higher resolution projects with more complicated grades, then you can just purchase the full version for $995.


There have been some fantastic videos made by people explaining some of the new features in DaVinci Resolve 9 and I have listed some of these below.


Color Grading Central have a really nice tutorial on how to grade using DaVinci Resolve 9. Just scroll down to the video.




For a great overview of the new DaVinci Resolve user interface, check:



Patrick Inhofer has posted an extremely detailed training video on how to set up and get started with DaVinci Resolve 9.




There is a fantastic audio pod cast discussing the new features.




Lastly, Alexis Van Hurkman has some info on his blog about the new features in DaVinci Resolve 9.




The version of DaVinci Resolve 9 on our web site is a public beta, but its looking quite stable now. We expect the final release by the end of the month if you prefer to wait for that.


I hope you find these resources helpful and find the new DaVinci Resolve a much improved tool for the most creative color correction work. It's sure been a lot of fun working on this release and I know personally I really love using this new version!





Grant Petty

Blackmagic Design


You have received this email as you have registered a product with us or have attended an event at which Blackmagic Design was present or was a sponsor and to which you opted-in to receive occasional email communications from us. If you no longer wish to receive occasional updates from us, please let us know by emailing our automated subscription manager at mailout@blackmagic-design.com with the word "remove" in the subject line. Alternatively you can contact our California office on +1 408 954 0500 or write to: Blackmagic Design, 2875 Bayview Drive, Fremont, CA 94538. USA.


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Related articles and example grades using John Brawley's BMCC 12-bit 2.5K RAW DNG sample footage, which again can be found on his blog:








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Some pre-release BMCC review units are out in the world:


In case you haven't been following John Brawley's BMCC excellent adventures these past several months, he posts about his experiences with the camera here:




More recently, Frank Glencairn has received a pre-release BMCC for review:



Here's Frank's unboxing video:



Marco Solorio has also received one of these units. See his posts on CreativeCOW and Facebook:




And Vincent Laforet also has one:



Philip Bloom has one (well, for the first few days, his cats had a BMCC, but now he's posted some footage, too):




… and, Josh Diamond:



... and, Sean Seah of Firewerkz Film:



Sean's unboxing video:


... and, Sebastian Wiegärtner:



... and, James Tonkin of Hangman Studios:





... and, Jim Geduldick working with Spike Jonze:




... and Dan Kanes:





... and Glendyn Ivin, who directed the recent "Puberty Blues" TVS with DP John Brawley:




... and Jon Carr (review and footage):



... also have BMCCs.


Lucky people!

Edited by Peter J DeCrescenzo

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wow... sorry, but I have to toss this in here, since that is what I see first when I walk into that BMD forum. What the beep are people doing with those grades??? They are messing up the DR all the way..... "Here's my take" "this is my version..." suddenly every indie camera guy crawls out and thinks he can grade as well, and they ruin the footage completely. Why do people always have to over-exaggerate??


Sorry... don't want to steal the thunder of the BMC, because I think it's got something going, but right now it's just not getting the right treatment.


Looking forward to seeing some properly graded footage, done by people who are dedicated to that job.

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Hi Torben: I agree with you that many of the grades of John Brawley's BMCC RAW DNG files have been over the top.


That's not a knock on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The situation isn't really any different than what is seen every day with footage from DSLRs & traditional camcorder footage on Vimeo, YouTube, and (to a lesser extend) TV. The only thing that's changed is now there's a relatively inexpensive cam available that can record RAW, too. More fodder for the junk mill.


The technology allows folks to easily & inexpensively go wild post-processing stills & motion video. So they do.


Same as it ever was. This sort of thing started since at least when the first desktop publishing software and laser printer came to be back, what, in 1985 or so?


However, the same technology also allows talented professionals with long experience, as well as talented young people coming up, to produce fantastic work easier & less expensively, too. In general, that's a good thing.


Of course, in the meantime, we have to suffer through the dreck.


I appreciate the good stuff when it occasionally appears. Cheers.

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Camera-original 10-bit 4:2:2 1080p ProRes HQ (220 megabits/sec) samples of John Brawley's "Afterglow" footage will be available for download in a few minutes (or so):



Two example frames from the ProRes 422 HQ "Film" sample footage, ungraded and graded (these images have been JPEG compressed):





Previously, the camera-original 12-bit RAW CinemaDNG samples of John Brawley's "Afterglow" footage were made available, and are still available here:


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Blackmagic Design announced today that their Cinema Camera has begun shipping in limited quantities to end-user customers:




Hey everyone,

Just wanted to jump on here and give a heads up. The cameras are shipping now. The initial shipment was rather small, smaller than we would have liked. This will change as our part supply ramps up. Once that happens production will ramp up and we will be able to deliver many more cameras at a time.

However, it is worth noting, we still have a bit of a back order to get through so it may still take some time to get your unit.

Rest assured that once we get ramped up, we will not simply be shipping five BCC's at the a time. Without getting into too much detail, B&H did get only a handful on their first shipment, and the rest went to some of our OTHER dealers in our channel.

So...we totally understand your guys excitement to get your cameras. Just rest assured we are working as hard as possible to get them to you quickly.

Joshua Helling

Director of World Wide Support

Blackmagic Design Inc.


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There are now two BMCC models!


Just announced at IBC:




The BMCC is now available with either the original Canon EF electronic mount, or a new Micro Four Thirds "passive" mount.


All my m43 lenses are electronic, but there are advantages to a passive m43 mount vs. EF, such as easy adaptability to PL & C mount lenses.


Quite a bit of discussion online already:




Ahhh!!! Too much choice! :-)

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Not to be too much of a gloater, but I think that's what I suggested they do in the first place!


Hi Phil!


Yes, you and thousands of others have suggested "m43" to BMD since NAB this past April.


However, I've always wanted a BMCC with an electronic m43 mount, like on the GH1 & GH2.


That, and a pony. :-)

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Not to be too much of a gloater, but I think that's what I suggested they do in the first place!



Sorry Phil I think I might have to claim this one....



(long time 4/3 and m4/3 shooter and err..cough cough...it was the second thing I asked them to look at when I first saw the camera)

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... it was the second thing I asked them to look at when I first saw the camera)


Hi John B.: What was the first thing you asked for?


A pony?


As did I?





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