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Trevor McClung

Ever wonder what will kill digital movie making?

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The camera in my phone would be worth a fortune 30 years ago. What's gonna happen when 4k cameras are stocking stuffers? Every movie made with a Red or Alexa etc... Will seem cheesy. Once upon a time in Mexico all ready looks like my camcorder. Hmmm?

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I'm not sure you'll find a lens capable of resolving 4k of pixels on any sensor that would fit on a phone. At least at the price points that I think you're referring to.


Of course that wont stop them from saying so.

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What's gonna happen when 4k cameras are stocking stuffers?


It'll take extra long to watch cat videos on youtube biggrin.gif


There's a significant difference between size and latitude, but are often defined as 'resolution'. There is also a significant difference between cameraman and a camera ownercool.gif


I reckon we'll spend a good deal of time explaining that to producers.

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Here, here.

I wish I knew the difference between size and latitude.


Does it mean that in order for a lens to be capable of transmitting 4k resolution that it has to be sizable?

I haven't started lens study yet.


PS. I'm sure there will be fantastic cat videos by then. Internet will speed up and phones will have Auto Movie aps with Lucas Shot director. Darth Vader will audibly instruct you where to put the camera. Light Saber sounds, the whole bit.

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To elaborate on the cellphone thing a bit more:


Nowadays resolution has come to simply mean the amount of mega-pixels a camera has or the lineal measures used in cine like '2k' '4k' and so on - (nevermind the sensor aspect actually utilized (or not)) rolleyes.gif


Imagine for a while that you got yourself a chunk of ice and used it as a lens - pointed your cold alexa at some text and recorded the resultant blur. You've now got '2k' worth of what ? You didn't resolve any of that text, to do that you need a lens capable of resolving the text and preferably to an extent that is well matched to the particular sensors pixel pitch, off in either direction and you're wasting either 'resolution' in the camera (pixels) or 'resolution' in the lens (resolving power, for the most part otherwise known as 'purchase price').


When it comes to cellphone sized carry on, you're dealing with very small lenses - lenses that even if they were to be well made with fine tolerances the % error compared to any larger lens will be higher as tolerances scale in an additive fashion, and unfortunately not magically in a multiplicative fashion. And whatever the case your lens is hanging in your sweaty pocket with your house keys most of the time, anyone willing to do that with a set of cine primes ?

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