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Brian Drysdale

Release Lightworks NLE Available

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The 8th Release Candidate of version is available.




This latest build addresses several regressions encountered in the last build. Lightworks anticipate this being one of the last builds now prior to release. Plus support for AAC 32 float audio.

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The 10th R.C. of V14.5 is now available to download.




This build includes some improvements to XML export and fixes up a couple of crashes caused by recent fixes. Lightworks now believes V14.5 is ready for full release over the next couple of weeks

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The last Release Candidate of version 14.5 is available for download




This last build finally resolves the issue with trimming and fixes some minor issues reported recently. Lightworks anticipates the 14.5 release to be happening at the end of this month.

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I guess one new feature came along from IBC, so a V14.5 RC13 is available




This latest build adds preliminary support for the new Blackmagic RAW files, plus a couple of fixes. Lightworks are scheduling to release 14.5 within the next week or two.

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After a long beta Lightworks V14.5 is now released.




Apart from many bug fixes, headline features are:


Support of variable frame rate files (.mov .mp4, .m4v) - this appears to be pretty robust, unless the supposed target frame rate recorded is a non standard one e.g 20.333 fps. A wide range of phone and games capture videos are working with this, without needing conversion before import.


New GPU precision options

Histogram Graph to the Video Tools panel

Export option to Reaper (Lightworks Pro only)

Support for handling .MOD and .TOD files

Ability to adjust RED R3D RAW metadata parameters (.rmd)

Added support for media structures:

Support for Fusion 9 on Mac

Support for decode/encode of Cineform codecs

Voice Over and Mackie MIDI support for Linux users

Ability to acknowledge project wide LUT setting on export

Ability to set a Ranged Cue Marker (Start and End point)

Further details can be found here: https://www.lwks.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=270&Itemid=270


With the launch of V14,5 there is a Promo for a free Lightworks ShuttlePRO V2 with every Outright license purchase.

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works great here on various linux flavors. fantastic update to this first full cross platform NLE! One of the very view things I ´ m missing is recognizing aux time code and some built in plural eyes for syncing.

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The Lightworks V14.6 beta Revision 114863 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is now available to download.


Lightworks is aiming for a short testing period before the full release, so that they can focus on version 15.0.

Some of the new features in version 14.6 are listed below:

    Added "Libraries" heading to the Content Manager
        Moved Local files import option under this heading
        Moved Audio Network import option under this heading
        Moved Pond5 import option under this heading
    Added improvements to Audio Network integration
        Media can now be imported into a project
        Media can now be used in a sequence
        Export is prevented if the sequence contains non purchased media
    Added ability to handle still images correctly
        Added new "Images" filter
        Images now import at the correct scale ratio rather than being scaled to the output format
        Added ability to drag an image into the sequence viewer or timeline
        Removed pagination on search results
    Added improvements to varispeed in Flexible layout
        Added segment right-click 'Speed' menu item
        Added 'Show segments speeds' option on the timeline appearance panel (to restore per-track speed widgets)
        Removed per-track speed button by default
    Added support for Ubuntu 19.04
    Added ability to detect rotated phone footage and rotate it to the correct orientation automatically
    Added HD overlay to the vectorscope
    Added support for browsing "Amazing Music Tracks" from within "Libraries"
    Added new enhancements for Tile view bins (text now appears outside of the tile rather than overlaying the image) Fixed layout only
    Added "Metadata, Decode, Cue Markers and BITC" tabs from the Log layout to the Edit layout (Fixed layout only)
    Added ability to generate .lvix seek files locally (previously stored next to linked media)
    Added Timeline tab underneath the Viewer on the Log and Edit tabs
    Added scrollbars to sequence timelines (Video and Audio tracks)
    Added Blackmagic BRAW decode panel to the Video tab of the project card
    Added UHD Media to the Media->Transcoding tab to allow for transcoding to UHD on import
    Added ability to switch between a Simple search and an Advanced search on the Search panel
    Added better Keyboard shortcut handling of using standard keyboard shortcuts ie, pressing delete deletes clips
    Added ability to select segments on the sequence timeline
    Added ability to right click a clip containing ranged cue markers and select Make->Sequence from Cue Markers
    Added ability to continue an interrupted transcode task
    Added option 'remove from bin' to the deletion panel
    Added keyboard key assignment for adding a VFX keyframe
    Added compound effect to incorporate image-matte and blend (ie. a single-node image-key)
    Added better categories for Keyboard Assignments list
    Added German translation wordings into the installers
    Added ability to move an effect along the timeline without changing it's routing
    Added 'Modification date' for audio only files on the filecard
    Added ability to reorder filecard metadata items for all log types (previously it was only possible for V/A clips)
    Added ability to use torn-off timecodes using the left mouse button
    Added ability to select multiple items then edit the text for one of the fields which now causes all rows to be updated
    Added ability to apply effects to selected timeline segments
    Added "Region" option to the AAF export panel
    Added 'selected segments' to the sequence copy panel
    Added ability to right-click an Effect node and choose 'Replace with >'
    Added ability to right click the video routing panel to add a new node
    Added ability to change the import method for audio only files on the batch import panel
    Added support for 100fps media in a 24fps project
    Added ability to change the size of the project thumbnail images by holding down CTRL and scrolling with the mouse wheel
    Added keyboard shortcut assignment for moving focus to the record sequence or source clip
    Added ability to make milestones much easier to resurrect
    Added visible media file name/extension to the file path
    Improved timeline sync-loss representation
    Updated to the latest MainConcept 10.5.3 and 4.2.1 SDK's

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The 4th beta of Lightworks 14.6 is available for download.


This latest version includes preliminary support for HEVC/H.265 decoding and adds a new timeline menu option for clearing/adding marks & cover art for audio-only clips that support it. Plus fixes  

This next release of Lightworks (14.6) will be the last that includes a 32bit Windows build.

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After a delay, the 5th beta of V14.6 is now available for download.


This has fixes for issues that arose in the previous beta build and adds new features including:the ability to select multiple segments on the sequence timeline right-click and choose 'Add' or 'Remove' (if there are any effects to remove), to lasso clips in the sequence timeline, resize keyframe graphs using CTRL and mouse wheel and others.

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The 5th beta of V14,6 is available for download.


Lightworks say:
"This next version resolves several of the known issues we have been working on. We still have some improvements to add for decoding of HEVC/H.265 once complete, we hope to set a release date of Lightworks 14.6"


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The 6th beta of V14,6 is now available for download.


Lightworks say: "This next version resolves several regressions between version 14.5 and 14.6. There are still some issues surrounding XML/AAF interchange along with finalising the decoding of HEVC/H.265 media. We are looking to finalise these before announcing the release date."

Provisional RAW still image support for more camera types. the ability to search cue marker text via the search panel and the ability to create coloured cue markers easily during playback have been added. Also fixes

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The next Beta of version on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is now available to download!


The Lightworks developers are now very close to completing this Beta Cycle with an aim of releasing in November. They will be changing the name from ’Lightworks 14.6’ to “Lightworks 2020.1’ to align with the rest of the EditShare product lineup,

There's a number of new additions this this build including:
Improvements to H.265/HEVC file handling. ability to set a custom length on dissolves & audio cross fades when right clicking a cut point

Support for segment Enable/Disable on the sequence timeline:

    Added keyboard shortcut assignment for 'Activate selected segments'
    Added keyboard shortcut assignment for 'Deactivate selected segments'
    Added keyboard shortcut assignment for 'Toggle segment activation'
    Added keyboard shortcut assignment for 'Activate all segments'

Improvements to how search results are handled when searching for Bins and other search improvements/

Plus numerous fixes.

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The next Beta of version 2020.1 (nee V14.6) Revision 118776 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is now available to download.

This is the first build with the new version number (14.6->2020.1) and one of the biggest changes is the minimum requirement for .deb installs now being 18.04 and the minimum for .rpm being Fedora 30. We are aiming for a release now before the end of this year and believe this latest version resolves a lot a of the previous showstoppers reported.


This has added the ability to choose All/Selected tracks when making a copy of a sequence, more information to the import panel when encountering unsupported formats, the ability to highlight/recolour clips on the timeline, scroll bar to the Effects transition selection box, ability to specify custom metadata mapping .Export/Render option of 50/59.97 for UHD Cineform, hyperlink to upload location for YouTube videos for easy access to uploaded videos.


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The next Beta of version 2020.1 (nee 14.6) is now available to download.


This latest build has only a few fixes to resolve recent issues that have been reported, Lightworks hope to release imminently.

Edited by Brian Drysdale

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The latest V2020.1 beta ( Revision 119451 ) is now available for download.


This latest build resolves performance issues with H.265/HEVC media and editing MTS files on Linux. Also
Added display warning of GOP length in Red/Amber on the import panel if it is likely to cause playback issues. There are also various fixes.

Lightworks are looking to complete this Beta cycle within the next couple of weeks

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The next Beta of version 2020.1 Revision 120260 on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X is now available to download


Lightworks are confident that they are closing in on an imminent release, there is a known issue in this build with XAVC MXF which they're looking to resolve shortly. There are also fixes.

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