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Rex Orwell

Condition One

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gigaom.com reports that Danfung Dennis, a war photographer and videographer who turned his experiences in Afghanistan into an Academy Award-nominated documentary, would like people to get a look through his eyes. But instead of referring people to his pictures or documentary, he’s got a more ambitious plan to build a new video standard that let’s people encounter moving imagery in a much more visceral and interactive way.


Dennis’ company Condition One, which is set to graduate from TechStars’ New York class Thursday, has created a video technology that lets people with cameras film video that can capture 180 degrees of view. The video, which can be manipulated through swipes or an accelerometer, can be viewed through iPad or iPhone apps. The goal is to help consumers, big brands and publishers create videos that allow people to live inside a moment, letting them act as if they are in a given place, experiencing it firsthand.


Read more and see the video at http://gigaom.com/2012/06/13/is-condition-one-the-future-of-video-mark-cuban-thinks-so/


Condition One is a technology company developing next generation immersive video applications. Our flagship product is an embeddable immersive video player for the iPad / iPhone, which we license to media companies and brands. It integrates seamlessly into existing applications or can be launched as a standalone product. The beauty of our technology is that it works within existing video production workflows and does not require specialized hardware. Take a look at our solution.


Condition One combines the power of the still image, the narrative of films and the engagement of tactile controls to create powerful emotional experiences of 'being there.' Condition One doesn't just open a window into another world - it makes the viewer an active participant. Download our showcase iPad app, featuring a wide range of sample content including: travel, sports, news, music and entertainment.

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Cool concept, but probably not a new standard.

Would ruin the storytelling method I would think. It's like having a book that gives you the setting, characters, and their actions, but makes you figure out what to focus on. Can't really tell a story if you're looking the opposite direction in what you're trying to call attention to.


Would be great if it was 360º and was in the middle of a concert or war zone or something, where you're just there to experience.

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That's where it's going.


When I was 14 I came up with an idea for virtual reality simulators. It was essentially a TT Race bike with a scaffold bar welded upright onto the back. At the top of the steel bar would be mounted 6 Cameras. The user would sit in a chair surrounded by 6 TV screens each set up with a VCR underneath (this was the frame of reference at the time) allowing them to look around them in any direction.


I didn't tell anyone about it, like any of my ideas really, but 3 years later Disneyland employed a similar setup.


This is interesting, but might be obselete before it gets started.

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Well if apps can already do the compass thing (I love star map apps, if only so I can just move the phone around and see it line up with the sky), it would just have to set your direction as the reference point when it starts up, and then move from there. But it'd depend on how easy it is to generate content, how interesting people could keep it, and how accessible.


I remember there was a time that those 3D viewers were a big thing, and now they've kinda trailed off. But now it seems like it could be a lot more accessible, and now we just have to generate content.

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