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Jonas Fischer

Steady Car Interior Shot

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Hello all


I was wondering how one can achieve a steady car interior shot.

I'm pretty sure that a simple tripod won't be steady enough.

Any ideas on how to rig a camera inside of a car?


Thanks a lot for your help.




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It depends where you're mounting the camera, there isn't a lot of space in most cars for a tripod. Yes, you can get a steady shot with a quality tripod, although I'd tend to lash it down, especially if it's a light one, so that it's not moving independently of the car and any vibrations are damped down.

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There's also the Tyler mini gyro route! It will keep the bouncing around to a minimum, but I'm not sure if panning and tilting is something that you would be able to do effectively inside a vehicle with that setup.

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I'm working on figuring this out now. A tripod is tricky in a small car. It works ok for out the window shots. I'm buying a glidecam steadycam, I think that should work great from the backseat. For side to side shots I was planning on clamping a camera mount to the window, this would be fine if the car is accelerating smoothly.

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The Glidecam, or any Steadicam, is not a good idea for car interiors.

If you could fit a Steadicam in the back seat it would probably need to be a very small one, that you hold in your hand (no arm) with a miniature camera.


The effect would be that the interior shakes, but the view outside is smooth. I have done this in busses and it's worked well with a full sized rig.


If you secure the camera in the car, the outside will shake, but not the inside. If the road is really smooth, everything will be smooth.


My model II from the 1980s came with a compact vehicle kit, but it required a very light weight camera and was really impossible to use. Still too big!


Good luck!

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I've used this Film Tools car mount before and it's pretty smooth... granted, it's no gyro/stedicam, but with a smoother road it works great. Plus you can suction mount outside the car in virtually any angle with the ball head. Really depends on the composition you're looking to achieve.

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I've finished a new tool, a small hand held stabilized head - very light and compact and stable and smooth operating, small enough to be passed through open car window.






Peter Jensen (SOC)

Los Angeles, Ca.


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