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Ram Shani

great shootout by zacuto

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F was really the only one that I liked and that ended up being the Alexa. The highlights, shadows and skin tones really seemed superior on it. Just my opinion :D

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I loved the first one thanks for that, started watching the intro, whats with that its a camera test not a emotional journey just saying lol? felt like the doco "cinematography style 2006" which by the way David Mullen was on.

Still loking forward to it tho :)

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I really liked the color contrast that came out of the GH2, I was shocked how many people picked that camera. I do believe that there was a good point toward the end that the DPs who had the "lower-end" cameras (so to speak) did a better job lighting and finding ways to get the most of their camera. Whereas the DPs with the Alexa, RED and F65 may have missed on a few points because they were already working with the "best" camera.


I do love the Alexa, I felt the image didn't pop as much in it's color contrast, but it had a great filmic feel.


I didn't like the F65 at all, when the revealed that the highlights came out Pink and they attempted to time them back to white, it ended up giving the entire frame a magenta feel.


I wish that the new Canon 1DC had been included in the test, I would love to see it go up against the large format cameras and see where it falls in line.


Absolutely loved Zacuto's presentation this year in the layout of this being a documentary. Part 1 was so inspiring!

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