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Rudy Velez Jr

Bolex 5120 Sound Macrozoom & Bauer C1M Super

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I am neophyte camera user, but this summer I have choosen to get into filmmaking. I currently own a Bolex 5120 Sound Macrozoom and a Bauer C1M.


The Bolex camera only has the options to shoot in 1 or 18 fps. There is also a 36, which I i guess is for slow motion. Is 18 fps the standard for Super 8 cameras? I was reading online that the lens shutter opening is 150 and for the Bauer the website said <180 ( does this mean the lens opens greater than 180 degrees?). Based on the limited knowledge, the Bauer would be better because it has a larger lens opening angle.


Currently my Bolex is not focusing when I am at fullest Zoom, could this be that in my foolishness I took the camera from cold AC'd room out into the street which was hot and humid, I noticed some condensation the lens and freaked out and when back inside and wiped my lens with a mirco cloth. Could this shift in sudden temperture messed up the focus on my zoom? This is the only problem I have with the camera as it works perfectly.


Whats the best way to clean the camera and its lens?


After I shoot footage I normally store the catridges in the fridge? Is this good or bad?


I would also like to shoot footage in a subway/ underground subway platfrom. How would I go about doing this. It seems like when I take my Bolex anywhere were it is not sunny the camera heads into the underexposed redzone? Can I still get a decent exposure with it heading into the underexpoused redzone?


Night Shooting. Say I wanted to shoot around my neighborhood or say Times Square at night how would I go about this with either of these cameras? Both cameras came with these metal rectangle wthh a circle cut out in the middle. The Bolex Manual said this is to be used for Artifical Light, meaing light from a light fixture say inside my house? How does this thing work.


Would a light meter solve my probelms? I also would like to shoot interiors both day/night but every time I try to shoot on both cameras the light meters its insufficent in way or antoher. Can I get around this or should I just get an XL camera?


Has anyone else in the NYC area used another place besides PacLab and if so what was the place and how does it compare? Are there any places that can process the film and telecine it? I am told Dijifi is like one of the most trusted and best but how is Colorlab?


Is buying film from Kodak the best route given they have a student discount. Also did they move to Panavision on Varrick?



I have shot some footage from both my cameras but I am awaiting the results from dijifi( I took them 1st to PacLab), perhaps I will upload them if I am not too embarrassed by the footage. For future reference is it better to get SD or HD for super 8?


Are there any free editing programs that are good to edit super 8 or will I have to get Final Cut Pro?



I live in NYC and I would like to know a place where I can take my cameras god forbid something should happen to them. Is there a trusted super 8 camera repair shop in the area?

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The Bauer has two FPS options 18 and 24. Is 18 the normal for super 8. Would 24 be slow motion?



On the Bolex would does this feature do: Diaphram correcting knob? it goes from +3 to -3. The manual says I can alter the grading. Turning the diaphragm toward the + side opens the diaphragm wider making your pictures lighter and the other way makes the pictures lighter. I wonder how this would correspond toward interior shooting/subway shooting/night shooting?

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