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Rob Wilton

Dark Knight Rises IMAX experience

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Hi everyone,


I just saw the Dark Knight Rises in IMAX here in London. I have to say the IMAX footage looked absolutely stunning, almost HD-ish in its clarity - but in a good way. Quite a couple of shots out of focus though!


But every IMAX scene popped out. Im really looking forward to the next 65mm/IMAX film to be screening in 65mm/70mm. The Master maybe???



In comparison the anamorphic 35mm footage looked really soft, too soft for my liking. The size of the screen is quite large, largest in the UK as was announced.....but large enough to make 35mm anamorphic look soft?


Could it be the fact that it was blown up to a 70mm print? I know they used older anamorphic lenses, C and E series. Would they result in a softer image, compared to say a cinema spherical lens, even though the image resolution is increased because of the anamorphic squeeze?


Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences?





Rob Wilton

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Saw it at Univ. City in LA in IMAX. The compared softness of the 35mm was a mild distraction after many transitions. It seemed softer than 3-perf and 1080 blow-ups that I've seen before, for some reason.


Another distraction, without a doubt, was the panning of IMAX cameras when doing land/cityscape shots. There were only a few, but they stuck out to me. If you are going to show off its incredible resolution on a 70+ft screen, don't do shots like that which strobe like hell; your eye starts looking for details but 24fps pans don't let you focus on them.


Great piece of work overall though, don't get me wrong.

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