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James Martin

Needing handheld advice

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Hi all,


Getting to use an F35 fairly soon, but never used one before. Experienced with other high-end cameras (including F900 + ALEXA + RED etc) but I can't for the life of me work out the best way of doing handheld with this thing?


My main experience of "flat bottomed" cameras is either the RED, where a bridge plate goes under and then a shoulder cushion snaps into that, or the SR3 where you replace the bridge plate with the handheld system.


I'd really rather a snap-in for the bridge plate, to make life easier, but what is the best route for quick handheld with the F35? Or, as quick as you'll ever be with an F35 anyway




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Last time I worked with the F35 handheld, we had a Mantis handheld rig. Which simply slides into the bridgeplate. Then a monitor mounted in front of the operators face.


What do you plan to record to? Having a separate recorder, unattached to the camera, will help you out weight wise. Just gotta play around and see how to best balance it.

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It balances fine with the deck on the back, which is the only way I've ever done handheld with it. I'm sure you can figure out something without the deck, but I've never done it that way.

I personally don't like handlebars or any of that gack. I generally just hang onto the mattebox and rods with most cameras.

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Hi James:


Hand held with the F35 is pretty awful. If you have the deck on the back of the camera it is not just very heavy - it is also very top heavy. My experience has been that moving/walking with this top heavy beast makes for a lot of roll/pitch and yaw and I found it disagreeable visually. Adding an Easyrig to the equation helps carry the load but if anything makes the package even worse for walking because the easyrig shifts the weight even further up away from your shoulder.


If you remove the recorder from the camera, it is of course much lighter but very front heavy so it would be important to add a battery as far back as you can. Even so it is even worse than carrying a 435 with a top load mag.


The best solution for me was to use the Panavision version with the SSR deck attached and an AB battery behind the SSR.


I hope you can persuade the boss to stay on the dolly with this camera. Hand held with the F35 (&F23) blows.


Good luck,


Neal Noton

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