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John Mackey

Panasonic HVX200 "film" look

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I am renting a Panasonic HVX200 for a good price to shoot a short movie on a low budget. I'm shooting outdoors, natural light starting at sunrise and going throughout the day.


If I had the money, i'd shoot on 16mm film, but alas, I do not. So I would like to utilize the HVX to its fullest. I prefer the film look, and i know that this camera can shoot 24p. However, is there a way to change the shutter speed as well? Shouldn't it be at 1/48 like film cameras? What about the iris?


Does color correcting in post help?

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The default shutter speed is 1/48 or 180º. You can change it to anything between 360º and something very small.... You're right that this will give you the best motion rendering.


I feel like f2-f4 is the "zone" for a lot of 16mm photography (correct me if I'm wrong, I don't shoot it), and that's shallow focus relative to the hvx200. So I'd keep the iris wide open and use ND filters so you get as shallow focus as possible.


Mess with the scene files to extend your latitude. And grading will help a lot, though the hvx has nice colors in the first place. You can shoot some still images on film or shoot color checker charts on film and on digital and match them in post by eye and by looking at the vectorscope. And then add a ton of thick film grain, that might be the real trick, but also hard to do tastefully.


Also consider dSLRs. They are very nice. The GH2 is sharp and has a smaller sensor than the others. Should give you a 16mm feel if shot and posted well.

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Guest Jimmy Jib

The HPX170 is the updated version to the HVX200. Pair it up with a 35mm lens adaptor like the Redrock M3 and you've got yourself a versatile, budget cinema camera. Can basically use any DSLR lens mount on it as well as PL mounts. Light loss is negligible with the M3, but you will still need to light every scene well, as the HPX170 is not really good in low light.

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