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Marc Roessler

Vibration tolerant fill lights

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I'm planning a shoot on a tramway.. the setting is daytime, natural light. Due to the low speed stock used (64 or 80 speed, b&w) I will need to fill quite a bit with all this gray weather (unless we're really lucky and it's sunny or snowy).


Now you all know how the typical tram shakes and bounces, especially when going across intersections. I might be able to get mains power from the tram, but I guess the filament of a mains powered redhead or reflector photoflood or fresnel would pop right away with all the vibrations.


An obvious solution would be low voltage lamps as those are more sturdy, but I only one I know is the Dedos, and those are not quite powerful enough for use in daylight. Kinoflos are probably not bright enough. Or should I consider LED lights?


Due to the b&w stock used I'm not concerned about color balance. Ideally the lamp could be powered by a 12V or 24V battery belt.


Any ideas?




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There are a lot of options, i think. I know smaller Hmis (like 200 or 400W) running on a batterly belt or similar, also larger LED panels work good and you can always run a lamp on a car- or better truckbattery using a voltage transformator. An Arri 200W Pocket Par has a lot of output for example. Anything much bigger eats the battery too fast and to my experience could just get too bright for an overcast day. if you have just access to tungsten light just ask someone to hold it in his hand, as long as the light comes indirect, to avoid breaking the bulb.

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