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Micah Van Hove

Running an Arri 1k off a car

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There are 1K inverters which you'd have to power onto the battery under the hood of the car. I would recommend renting a small 2K put-put genny and powering off of that rigged to the car (possibly in trunk?) depends on the shots you want.

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It is possible, but probably more trouble than its worth and honestly not a good idea. Get a generator and save yourself a headache. Car batteries aren't designed for prolonged output of continuous power, especially not a 1K Arri. Do you really want to take the chance of stranding yourself out in a remote location with no vehicle power and no lights?


Get a little HONDA generator or something. You probably know somebody who has one already, if not they can usually be rented for $75/day. Your local rate may vary though, that's what they cost here in Atlanta.


Good luck, stay safe out there.

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You can buy small portable gennies for a few hundred bucks too; might be a worthwhile investment just to have on hand. they're nothing to write home about; but could be just the thing if you're shooting a lot at night in woods--- keep that and a Pa4 64 handy for whenever you need that on light right over there

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Par64, also known as a Par Can or a Rock and Roll par is a very cheap, very powerful 1K PAR Tungsten light. I think they go for like $139 or so for the whole thing. It's a broad stroke light, but has a decent throw, and you can soften it up nicely with a silk on a c-stand if you'd like.

I find them most useful to mimic street-lights (rigged up high) or to create shafts of light, let's say, in a forest at night. For the price, it's hard to beat.


Unlike a focuable light, PAR 64s rely on the bulbs. So you have a Wide Flood (WF) Medium Flood (MF) NarrowSpot (NS) and Very Narrow Spot (VNSP) and you change the bulb out to change the light throw. Kinda a pain in the rear; but for the price I don't mind it.

You'll often seen them at concerts.



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