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Matt Silvan

Aurora Effect

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This is my first post, and I hope to learn a lot in these forums going forward, as I'm just starting out in videography. I have been noticing a particular effect often applied in videos on Vimeo, whereby some kind of Aurora is blended over scenes. For example here:



at 0:20 to 0:25, and again at 0:42 to 0:47


Do you have any tips to make similar glaring effects with FCPX?

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I'm not sure exactly what you're describing with the word "aurora", but of the things that you might mean, there's basically two things going on there:


- Lens flare, caused mainly by the fact that a lot of it is heavily backlit, and maybe

- Composited stop flashes and general film clutter.


I'm not sure if they've used any of the latter or whether it's simply the way it's shot, slightly chaotically with the sun very much behind the subject. Given certain optical configurations you can get a somewhat similar veiling effect.


I think that was probably shot on some sort of DSLR (checking the Vimeo info, I discover it was a 5D mark 2) and probably in the standard picture style, as it's quite high contrast with rather clippy whites. I think this would have been better shot in "neutral" or "faithful" to mitigate that hard clip, but otherwise it's very pretty.



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Many thanks for your reply, Phil. I'm certain that it's composited over in post production because the effects span across multiple clips, including where it's not directly looking at a light source. So I'll have to try out a few things.

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You could start somewhere like


You pointed me to exactly what I was looking for! Highly appreciated. So it's actually an entire clip blended on top of the footage. Now I get the concept.

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