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Hope You Help This Kid !! :)

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Im new here and beginner though..But i found that i have more passion on cinematography since i take my first shot using mobile cam for my very 1st short film and my friends appreciated about it. They have named me cinematographer as well..Aha..


But I know that i dont deserve that name and i still have to travel a way more, now im just just with my very 1st step forward.


I had take a loan to buy a SLR(Canon 550D) for me and im still paying EMI for it..aha..


Though i have SLR with me but i never experiment anything new because i dont know where to start and how to start.


My economic doesnt support me to go for a course.u would have come to know that how i buy my SLR..lol..


All my knowledge about camera and its stuffs are from internet, i.e from the people who shared there kniowledge online.Im so thankfull to them :)


What is the result? I have got confidence to put my pix online(http://www.facebook.com/pages/S-pix).


And now i'm the DP for a short film :).This is 1st my project i gonna work with my SLR.Im so excited,i have bought cheap tripod and made a shoulder-mount by my own for this project.


What help this kid need is...Your support and suggestions for what im going to go through till the end of this project.


Thanks in Advance.


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About my 1st schedule : I was not satisfied with my 1st schedule..May be it is because lack of planning..

Whole story z happening during in night time (indøor not outdoor)..and the situation is like there is no power(electricity/current)..

Initially i thought to make it with only candle lights and torch light(tungsten effect) to get a night mood


Due to low budget we dont have money to buy suitable light source..anyway we tried whateva availabe but it was not enough...when i saw through camera LCD monitor the character face was somehow visible..So i have decided to complete the schedule with what we have..

Next day i have copied vidoes to laptop to see how it looks in big screen..

There i have failed..im not happy about the result..the character face and objects which i focussed were not clear..

So i have decided to reschedule thz week..thinking of taking shots during noon or evening time with all lights ON in the room..During post work it wil be converted to night mode..! No other option for me ! :(


Do you think i have taken a right decision? Please give me some suggestions..


Thanks in advance


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