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I own two Sachtler tripod systems, but both were purchased as used gear (lacking supporting docs with their acquisition).


Exploring Sachtler's web pages and downloadable docs, I see nothing on doing basic servicing and adjustments.


I have leg locks beginning to slip on a carbon-fiber, 3 stage system. I'm cautious about making adjustments without prior advice, as carbon fiber can easily be damaged. Can anyone point me to existing information on making these clamp adjustments?


Four images attached. Thanks.







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Don't know where you'll find information other than Sachtler parts drawings like this:



Pretty easy to dismantle, if the break pads inside aren't worn too bad you can just give them a clean and tighten up the screws/locknuts to the point where the leg no longer slips. Otherwise get new bits from Sachtler (or Vitec who now owns them as well as O'Connor).

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Hi Grant,

Our company IJES.ca has trained our technicians with Sachtler, Vinten, OConnor, Miller and Cartoni at their facilities in Italy and the US. We specialise in the repair of Camera suport equipment of all makes.

In answer to your question regarding the adjustment of the lower leg lock on your eng2cf tripod. The 4 screws you see on the opposite side of the lock lever are the adjusting screws.

Just don't be tempted to overtighten them and make sure you adjust them to an even torque. All you want is enough to hold your payload basically. the screws will strip in the plastic if they are overtightened or you may break the bracket.

Please also check that none of the brackets are cracked and that the tubes are firmly bonded into their respective positions, you may see a line just above the bond line, this indicates that the leg has come loose.

I am afraid that Sachtler does not produce repair manuals, just "explosion drawings" and I see that you have one now.

I hope this helps.

Best regards, Ian.

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