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Marty Hamrick

16mm Stock for Sale - STEAL!!

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Hi Folks,


I never thought it would be so hard to sell fresh film stock at such a low price ! Had a few nibbles, but no one has shown me any money. The death of film can't be far off now, judging from what I see going for so little on all the used gear sites. Maybe it's time to start taking bets on when manufacturing stock will grind to a halt. A few years ago, I would've jumped at a deal like this.


Here it is again: 6 100 foot rolls of Tri X 7266 Reversal film. Bought new June, 2012 and kept frozen. 5 rolls are sealed, one has been opened and has about 80 feet remaining on the roll. I want 80 bucks for the whole lot. If interested, please email me at martyh1960@yahoo.com.



















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not a popular film stock


Exactly, the limitations of Tri-X make it a very niche product and likely the next to receive the Kodak axe.


Also, if you order direct from Kodak, 100FT 16mm daylight spools of Tri-X are about $21 plus shipping. So, no huge savings here.

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Like what has been said here already, you don't have that good of a deal, especially for that stock and one recan. I shoot 400 footers, got any of them? 100 foot spools are a bit of a hassle to load in my camera

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Last I saw, it was going for around 35 a roll w/o shipping, but I hadn't seen the sources you guys quoted. I've had a few serious sounding inquiries, but they backed out. I'll try lowering the price. I got these as left overs from a class I was teaching for the New York Film Academy, so I know they're all fresh.


"Considering the success and new products at Fotoimpex film will not be dead soon. Don't hold your breath"


That's good to hear, but outside of film schools, most of the film shooters I know in Florida and Ontario are shooting most of their projects on Reds, Alexas and DSLR's these days. Most of these guys swore they would die with a film camera in their hands not long ago.The guy I know who actually said that sold his Moviecam, lenses and filters and bought a Red One when they came out. I'll have to check out that site, thanks guys, for the info.

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Yeah, they bumped the Tri-X up back in January. Sadly it and Double-X (also bumped way up in January) are probably next to go especially with competition from Orwo.

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