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How to light like this???

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Hey guys,


I require a lighting similar to the type in this pic.. Here the light seems to be of from sunlight buts actually it's a night scene which was lit artificially..Actually i need a lighting which seems to be like from a bright sun light.. Help me how i can do!! It's a short film with very low budget, we are using canon 550d..

Also let me know the specifications of coloured gels if at all can help us with these kind of shot....


Kindly help me with the knowledge on voltages too (any books/blogs/videos)!!!!


Thankyou :)


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It needs to be a hard source or spot of some sort to get the shadows distinct. A blonde would do it from a greater distance, but of course you'd lose intensity.

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You could probably do something similar with one of those cheap 500W linear floodlights from a DIY store. They can have a slightly odd shadow characteristic as the tube is long and thin, but it should work to some degree and it's hard to beat the price



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Any hard light should do the job, the further back you can place the light the better. The larger wattage lights allow you to achieve suitable lighting levels further back.

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