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Infrared 35mm film (Rollei IR 400)

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Im doing lighting test , for a project on infrared film, 35mm, indoor shooting.


we're trying a verity of light sources in order to get the right and effective light for this kind of project.

I know that mostly infrared used on outdoor shooting, under the open sky, but here, we also want to shoot some indoor night scenes on this reel.


just some few facts about this material:


the light spectrum we are trying to get is between 720-820 nm (nanometer), which also being called "invisible light", since this wave spectrum aint visible to the seeing eye.


thats why we use gel filters on all of our main light sources.


till now we used 5K's, Par 64's, 1K's, some lightpad panels, but(!),

what im trying to find, is a light source which will speak the same language of the ifrared wave spectrum, and not just some regular cinema classic lights.


1. does anyone here knows, heard, or experienced this kind of situation?

2. can i work with infrared light with diffusions? like we regulary do on set?

3. what is the effect of bounce through white poly board with infrared light? can we bounce regulary like we used too?


thnx ^_^


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