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Yurena A De Dios

rotating crane up shot

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hi everyone, Im trying to create a shot that starts on a singer's lip while he's lying on a bed , were going to crane up as it rotates in slow motion. theres going to be people in the shot next to his bed.

Id like to know what would be most affordable way to do this? were shooting with red epic and prime lense but have very little budget to do this.

we want to shoot this in slow motion then speed back to the songs speed to make his lips on sync yet hsving all the remaining action in slow motion still, how do we calculate the frame rate?

any advice on these two questions would be really appreciated.


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Sounds like a crane with a 3-axis remote head plus a zoom lens if you have to start tight on lips, so you'll have to bury a zoom out in the pullback. The only thing cheaper is to do it all with a zoom out, no crane, no rotation (or shoot looser and do the rotation as a post effect. Another cheaper alternative is to put the bed against a wall vertically and dolly back from the actor, though you'd still need the 3-axis head to rotate or something like a Panatate.

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The frame rate is easy, if you have 2X sped-up playback and normal speed is 23.976 fps, then multiply that by 2 and shoot at that rate. If 1.5X playback, then multiply by 1.5X. If the cuts are fast you can round off to 24 fps as a base for multiplying and selecting frame rates, it's just with a 23.976 fps post, the sync will start drifting over a long take.

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Hi David,

Many thanks, all makes perfectally sense, my only concern is that while I want his lips in sync I also would want to have other characters in frame in slow motion,if its post i put in back to 25fps as thats the frame rater were shooting, wouldnt that brinng the other character bwck to normal motion as well?

many thanks

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What David is suggesting is that you basically have the singer sing at double speed (this is done frequently in music videos, however it's success generally depends on the skill of the singer and the speed of the song) Frequently 1.5 times speed is more achievable. If the singer is willing to practice it tends to be very helpful.


In this case you would leave the shot in slow motion.


If you want one part of the shot to change frame rate and not others you are talking greenscreen.


Alternatively you could try starting the song at regular speed and have it slowly ramp to double speed (if you're shooting 48 fips) thus having the singer appear to ramp into normal speed, even though your whole shot would stay at 48 fips.

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